Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Textbook of Veterinary General Pathology

A Textbook of Veterinary General Pathology
By J.L. Vegad
2nd Edition
The second edition has been extensively revised and most chapters are completely rewritten. As such, it contains the latest information on'molecular pathology. The changes in particular include:An effort has been made to incorporate the most recent information on the molecular mechanisms of disease processes. For an easy grasp of the complicated molecular mechanisms, a large number of illustrations have been added,
79 in all, in the form of flow charts, line diagrams, and diagrammatic representations of pathological processes. Keeping in view the Veterinary Council of India (VCI)' s syllabus, a new chapter on 'Concretions' (Chapter 12) has been added. Also, in view of the VCI syllabus, a new sub-topic I Avian Inflammation' has been added in the chapter on 'Inflammation' (Chapter 4). The main points are given in bold type. In the Index, where there are more page numbers for the same topic, the number that covers the main discussion is shown in bold.

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