Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Veterinarian's Guide to Maximizing Biopsy Results

Veterinarian's Guide to Maximizing Biopsy Results 
By F. Yvonne Schulman 
1st Edition
 helps veterinary practitioners in obtaining high-quality biopsy samples, maximizing the results and minimizing the cost. With detailed practical guidance on each step to biopsy collection and submission, the book supports clinicians in avoiding errors that compromise the usefulness of biopsy as a diagnostic tool. Offering dos and don’ts for each stage of the process, this user-friendly manual is designed for frequent reference prior to and during biopsy procedures and submission.The book describes organ-specific considerations, and a biopsy submission checklist is provided to ensure that nothing is missed. Veterinarian's Guide to Maximizing Biopsy Results is an essential resource for any veterinary clinician collecting biopsy samples.
  • Details the biopsy process step by step
  • Includes a submission checklist to assure thoroughness
  • Helps clinicians avoid errors when collecting biopsy samples
  • Ensures high-quality samples for improved results and reduced costs
  • Provides practical, clinically oriented information 

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